Thursday 7 February 2008

Blue Cobra - North End, 6/2/08

Educated in Anglican Faith schools I thought the only spirit one could find in a church was the holy kind. Not so. Wednesday evening I sank a couple of pints in a North End chapel, converted 4 years ago into the Lanyard pub before heading up the road for curry.

I friar tucked in to a moreish Kufta Fish Ball. Tuna lightly spiced with garam masala blend of tumeric and cinnamon, deep fried in golden bread crumbs. Followed by an enormous serving of Fiery Lamb. Hulking slices of roast meat in a juicy and salty gravy with ginger syrup, green peppers, chilli flakes adding a scorching afterburn. Mushrooms stir fried with an abundance of fresh leafy coriander made a pleasant aside. A Sample of Simons Murgh Masala - a savoury mouthful of chicken tikka and mince curried with toasted cumin and flecks of bitter fenugreek impressed. Blue Cobra's appeals lies in the distinct flavouring and large portions of food and cool atmospheric.

Willp2328visit: 7/10

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