Tuesday 5 February 2008

Sea Raj, Grayshott - 25 Jan 2008

There's a new Indian restaurant in Grayshott that specialises in Indian Seafood cuisine. The Sea Raj occupies the former Cafe Baba - small, no more than about 20 covers, and so they hope to do well from the takeaway business. Initially they seemed reluctant to take bookings except for special occasions, but now it's full on Friday nights and maybe others too.

The web site proclaims Europe's first Indian Seafood restaurant! The phone number is 01428 608826.

So, given the few tables available, we only got round to dining there in late January, after it opened in the middle of 2007. I can report that it's very comfortable, friendly, with immaculate linen and table settings. There are fish and more conventional Indian dishes available both for starters and main courses. We enjoyed two delicious portions of scallops, a prawn puri and a shami kebab (not on the menu, but hey, they're helpful people who want you to enjoy your evening).

We all had fish Main courses, either tilapia (a delicate white fish) or boal (massive predator) steak. There's a helpful guide to the three Indian fish varieties on the table - the other one is Ayre which is another large predator. Three of us had the good sense to go for grilled or pan-fried varieties, for example with tomatoes or capers. My mistake was to go for a jalfrezi - I like a hot curry - which really didn't suit the fish at all. They also have various traditional curry house dishes - the usual karahi, madras, vindaloo - and some specials such as Lamb shanks, whole roast quail, and so on. Wine prices were reasonable - a decent Chilean red and then a better Rioja Crianza were both enjoyed. For four including drinks and a decent tip, our evening was £120 - not eye-watering given the quality we'd enjoyed.

So the conclusion - friendly, smart, quite different to the run of the mill curry house, and maybe can fit a Curry Club in there (provided not too many others book!)

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