Sunday 25 January 2009

Bombay Spice - Guildford

If I had the choice of cohabiting in a mud hut up North, waking up to ice in the sink in mid summer and subsisting off tea and parkin or living in a modernist Guildford apartment, it would be hard to decide.

Day trips to the traffic infested, shopping maul, so hip with jeenagers are as much as I can stand, although, beer and curry, as well as the company of my oldest mate (we go way back -veterans of the Boer War indeed) make it a perfectly acceptable location for a Sunday lunch.

For a popular place Guildford hasn't got a lot to offer on the food front beyond TGI Friday's ecetera ecetera, as a consequence, Bombay Spice must be a contender for best restaurant. It's pretty good and close to the station!

Sat in the window, Graham and I enjoyed a chutney tray with great lime and green chilli pickle and an inarresting raita, Poppadoms crisp and warm, as well as decent starters; mine, Chicken Tikka, firm morsels, coated in a spicy paste redolent of sour chilli, earthy tumeric and lemon. The main event, Lamb Rogan was well presented and delicious - dense, protein rich red meat, thick reddish brown gravy, heady coriander and fennel (nice kashiri touch!). Mouthfuls of aromatic pilau and chick peas in an onion tomato sauce also passed my lips.

No Beer, that followed later.


FOOD (& DRINK): 4/5
VALUE: 4/5

Willp2328score: 7/10

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