Thursday 1 January 2009

Karim's - Brighton

There are a plethora of restaurants in Brighton and though many are over rated and over priced, there is something to suit every bad taste - now I‘m being unfair, perhaps this isn‘t strictly true.

Among several Indian’s is Karim’s. Bar and reception at street level, dining room in the basement, stylish, but in a mid-nineties way, before true restaurant chic had washed up on the south coast.

We were served by every member of staff on view, starting with lassi’s, regulation poppadoms and chutney tray, (extra points for capsaicin green chilli chutney), then ok starters of sweetish barbecue sauce flavoured chicken tikka and salmon fish cakes, before Methi Chicken with a really good pervasive savouriness, runner beans in a lovely thick, nutty and spicy cream, as well as multi coloured rice and a sadly mild, pineapple juicy Patia.

Overall the place is certainly better than average and it has a good reputation in the area even if it is simultaneously devoid of atmosphere and a not particularly cheap.

FOOD (& DRINK): 3.5

Willp2328score: 6.5/10

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