Wednesday 28 January 2009

The Greedy Buddha - Parsons Green

Buddha is an exception in that he is the only fat oriental I know, besides Sumo wrestlers, and I don't know any of them (largely because they aren't out of nappies yet and are a few years behind me at school). Moreover, 'greedy' isn't neccesarily a word I would associate with deity of any sort but again Buddha attracts adjectives like no other - 'funky', 'laughing' and 'drunken' are but three. Anyhow, before I get mired in theology, on Tuesday night my cousin took me out for dinner. 'Would curry be okay?' (!).

The restaurant itself sits on a quiet street corner in a Parsons Green backwater. It might be hard to find without local knowledge, though it filled up soon after our arrival - must have heard we were there! A small dining room, bamboo shoots growing out the walls, sits above a downstairs hosting music on Thursdays and weekends.

Staff appear Nepali or Thai or...yet the food with a few tantalising exceptions (Rose scented Lamb, Mint Chicken Tikka, Nepalese Curry) is really typical Indo-British. Portions are fit for Buddha himself, Poppadoms are complimentary and the Mango Lassi was the fruitiest, most vibrant I've enjoyed.

We shared starters of Fish Tikka - succulent, oily, white fish in delicious charcoal sour coating - and Momo, less slippery than usual, but stuffed with gorgeous herby, fatty lamb. The adjoining table had the mixed grill, enough meat for a week. We followed up appetisers with Rose scented Lamb and Chicken Chilli Masala, fresh and positively bursting with flavour, a piquant spice blend, tart lemon rind, juicy spring onions, sundried tomatoes and plenty of fire from smarting green chillies. A big bowl of perfectly done steamed rice, slightly audente and not remotely sticky proved more than adequate accompaniment.

Great local for lucky Sloanes!


Willp2328score: 8/10

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