Monday 5 January 2009

Spice Bazaar, Rupert Street, Soho

In London to see Bill Bailey's Tinselworm show at the Gielgud Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, we needed somewhere to eat beforehand. Samurai Sushi, a few Chinese places, and Spice Bazaar were the contenders. We chose Spice Bazaar because we were able to be seated immediately. They met one other criterion - we were fed in time to have a drink at the theatre before the performance.

My chicken madras was watery - it had no onion! The chicken 'rogan' had double onion, and the meat for both dishes seemed to have met the sauce about 3 seconds before it came to the table. These two dishes, one naan, one rice, three papadums, plus one large and one small Cobra, came to over £33 before tip. They should do better for this money - you certainly can!

By the way, Bill Bailey was great - during the final sequence I laughed so much that tears came to my eyes. 'Hallelujah' will never seem the same again. Nice chap too - he signed the front of the programme for Ruth in the pub. Fantastic evening despite the meal.

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