Wednesday 2 January 2008

Tiffin Club - Southampton

A new corner restaurant, the PLACE is really just one high ceilinged dining room large enough for 30 diners or the Indian cricket squad who visited during their summer tour. The basement kitchen sends up creative dishes in a dumb waiter, then carried to table by very polite, well spoken staff with a genuine passion for the food being turned out below. SERVICE impressed.

Main courses arrive plated up, sides and sundries do not both at a more reasonable PRICE than any other posh curry joint around Southampton’s trendy Oxford Street. A meal for 3 with drinks costing 59 pounds was easy to swallow. Just as well as – I had a sore throat. Although a thick Mango and Pommegranate Lassi soothed my thoracic irritation. After thin crisp poppadoms I ordered Stuffed Squid. The Squid was wobbly and beautifully tender, not in the least bit rubbery, the filling of prawns and chilli with a suggestion of rosemary (in indian cuisine?) slightly bitter.

Mains included DJ’s seasonal venison (aka Rudolf) grilled in the tandoor to dense, sweet, tender perfection, Charli’s Mita Aloo, light creamy, fluffy sweet potatoes and my Nizami – strips of chicken in a smooth sour mustardy sauce ambushed by occasional slivers of chilli, root ginger, with a round sulphurous garlicky finish. All rather good. Methi Aloo, waxy, melt in the mouth new potatoes stir fried with pungent fenugreek and a little spinach was a great accompaniment. Similar accolades for Asparagus and sesame dish across the table. Pilau, plentiful and buttery like popcorn. We 3 agreed to return in the new year, DJ insisting I order Shah Venison Grill and a Peshwari Naan next time.

In SUMMARY I hope this comes to pass, a venue like the Tiffin Club deserves success and if I can play a Millaganesque small part in their victory then wonderful.

Willp2328score: 7/10

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