Thursday 10 January 2008

Dhanmondi - Whitehill

On the occassion of first visit I don't remember looking forward to a trip to angry Bordon with such anticipation, somehow I'd gone almost a month without curry.

Aperitifs at Foggy’s then troops in convoy, under cover of darkness to Dhanmondi. PLACE a strange space, once a village hall? Unlikely, locals not known for community spirit…careful now! Before I go any further must stress staff were perfectly hospitable, SERVICE attentive, glasses replenished with pleasant Chardonnay in between times. Much debate about FOOD, chewy lamb?? Starter middling mix of mini bhajis, vegetable samosa, lamb and chicken tikka. Mains all of same Medium consistency but combined well while each having distinct flavour; Chicken Banarosh with pineapple, Lamb and bangladeshi lime, two other dishes, King Prawns and tasty Tandoori chicken both in a dry tangy sauce. Sides comprised Tarka Dall, thick and viscus, plus blend of Spinach, potatoes, chick peas, onion slivers. Plenty of pilau, daily bread.

...Back in the new year, a year which sees Dhanmondi recognised as one of the top 100 curry restaurants in the UK by the British Curry Awards.

Turned out to be a memorable visit. Not only did we enjoy some rather good food but we were allowed behind the scenes. We met the cooking team (all 3) and had a fresh, buttery Naan, soft, doughy, tangy with garlic, cooked in 40 seconds, slapped onto the inside of the tandoor over right before our eyes. That was after a good meal, highlights including Balti Lamb. Thick dark brown treacle like gravy redolent of citrussy ground coriander. A Delicious Mushroom Bhajee, dry and herby. As well as King Prawns smothered in a gingery tomato sauce aromatic with cardamom.

The Jalfrezi in a rather thin gravy could be improved on and didn't benefit from being served on a platter ditto a bland Sheekh Kebab and an overly salty meat samosa. However, the Restaurant was so accomodating. I felt priveleged to be shown inside the inner sanctum and come a little closer to uncovering the well kept secrets of the British Curry House.

In SUMMARY Dhanmondi is a likeable local.

Willp2328score: 6/10

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