Friday 11 January 2008

Gurkha Durbar - Grayshott, 10/1/08

I approve of the large portions of rice the Gurkha serve, always need it. A man sized helpling of lovely audente basmati did more than soak up my curry. What an excellent meal it was! Especially as it turned out not to cost a penny (no such thing as a free lunch but there is such a thing as a free dinner, if its curry and its eaten with my Godfather – just don’t all ask at once!!).

Poleko Maccha to start – that’s a char grilled salmon fillet to the laity, coated in a subtle piquant marinade, nutritious and delicious, succeeded by Khatmandu Ko Wasa. Sounds like a fatal martial arts maneuver but if executed in the Durbar turns out to be best quality stewed lamb in a hot rich, smooth curry, pepper laden with a strong undertones of red wine and acetous cardamom. Mis Mas Tarkari, lightly fried vegetables, fresh with coriander was perfect, veg which you had to bite through rather than slurp (overcooking legumes is endemic in lesser curry joints). All in all as near faultless perfection as I’m likely to enjoy in a purveyor of eastern cuisine.

Willp2328visit: 9/10

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