Thursday 31 January 2008

Midnight Tandoori - Palmerston Rd, Southsea, 30/1/08

Wednesday evening saw me swiftly back to the Midnight Tandoori to test out their traditional curry and savour another glass of plummy Monetpuliciano.

For starters 'Prawn and Pineapple' was as simple as it sounded. Cloaked in a light tomato yoghurt sauce and underwritten by earthy tumeric and concentrated coriander it contrasted nicely with the plump seafood and the acid sweetness of pineapple.

Next up smoky chicken in a hot, sour Jalfrezi sauce, moist with sweet fat onions, roasted peppers and fried tomatoes. There was a citrussy tinge (lemon juice?) to my Sag Paneer of creamy curd and spinach simmered in usual savoury spices. Raiding across table I got a mouthful of an original walnutty Passanda that had arrived beautifully garnished with rose petals in a deep triangular procelain bowl.

Dishes are well presented, staff well turned out and brought up -haven't been trained to be pleasant, its natural. In between serving the four or five tables they talked of football, Man Utd versus Pompey and Cristiano Ronaldo's winning goal. Safe in the knowledge the three points were secured and full of good food I left very content.

Willp2328visit: 7/10

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