Saturday 26 January 2008

Midnight Tandoori - Palmerston Rd, Southsea

The PLACE is hides itself well, tucked away in a niche between two multi storey apartments down toward the sea front. Rich ended up in Kashmir, a few doors down until he realised his mistake, Mike and Aaran turned up 45 minutes late after a search.

Business has been 'alright' according to the bearded young bangladeshi on duty Friday evening, they've a small but loyal clientel. Aaran's Mum is a regular, 'surprised she's not here' he mused, perhaps just as well as he forget her birthday (hope I don't get in trouble for this remark).

While waiting for company I enjoyed a glass of House wine, yes its Montepuliciano D'Abruzzo! An excellent value red with bold fruit bouquet, cocoa finish, popularised by the Wine Society and Matthew Dukes among several.

Studying the menu PRICES seemed reasonable and as the evening progressed positively good value. Polite and effecient SERVICE merited a decent tip and FOOD wise it was super.

I began with a Chicken Sheek. Dry, orange chippolatas with a smoky chilli taste. For main course Lamb Joshwala proved one of the best dishes I've enjoyed for under £7. Tender, fat chunks of meat in a zingy and lively spiced curry with rich chocolately undertones, highlighted by cherry tomatoes bursting with ripe flavour. Delicately treated pulpy slivers of okra and decent white pilau well above par as well.

In SUMMARY the Midnight Tandoori is a discovery I'm glad to have made, if I can call it so, was recommended to me in fact. The menu is generally north indian but they are are enough variations to explore to merit more than a few return trips.

Willp2328 score: 8/10

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