Thursday 17 January 2008

Khans Brasserie - Midhurst, 16/1/08

A triumph! At last I succeeded in paying for a whole meal with Mum (even if I did have to resort to hiding her wallet before driving to Midhurst). Minus handbag she indulged in poppadoms, pineapple juice, Onion Bhaji's three and ordered the same main dish as I (it's in the genes).

For my part I chose to begin with 'Panir Kebab', a balloon of tandoori chicken filled with mash that looked interesting but didn't really excite the taste buds. Two Sally Lambs, reasonably priced at £6.50, were pleasant although lacking the nuance of other incarnations. A rich potato and apricot curry it tasted most of citrussy saltiness of freshly ground coriander seed and a little of camphorous bitter sweet cardamom though the meat was well done. Good plain Naan, soft and light as well as a decent Bhindi bhajee (ladies fingers prepared with ginger and garlic) were enjoyed. A large glass of a blackberry tinged Shiraz proved a fine compliment to the food.

The staff were friendly and the restaurant felt very snug inside, like being deep in the bowels of a warm, friendly giant - the BFG? Just hope the bladder holds out - the gents loos are outside (not literally but they are seperate from the main building)

Willp2328visit: 6/10

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